How to Enroll

 Ready to join?  Follow the steps below:

Step 1

Prospective Cadets are required to attend a New Cadet Information Briefing before admission into the program. We have not scheduled any Informational Briefings yet for the upcoming term (Spring 2021).

Step 2

Apply to UCF. You should be pursuing your UCF acceptance (if not accepted already) in parallel with your AFROTC acceptance. Note, if you are a full-time student of any of the following schools, you must apply to UCF as a non-degree seeking student to enroll in AFROTC:

FAMU Law School, Seminole State College, Eastern Florida State College, Valencia College, or Adventist University of Health Sciences.

Step 3

Submit a completed AFROTC application. Applications are now submitted and processed online through the Holm Center Webpage. Please download this guide and follow the directions on creating an account and filling out the requested information. Once complete, download and print all forms. Once signed and notarized, upload to WINGs through the Holm Center webpage.

Step 4

After submitting your application, you must email and inform the detachment. We may not receive your application otherwise. 

Step 5

Wait for an acceptance decision. An AFROTC cadre member will contact you to inform you whether you were accepted into our detachment and set up an initial orientation.

Step 6

Fill out these forms and then register for the AFROTC classes.  We will  provide you with instructions on obtaining the necessary class codes and course overrides.