Current as of 04 Oct 2020


-How long is the Air Force ROTC program?

Normally, undergraduate students must have at least three or more years remaining in their undergraduate studies to participate in Air Force ROTC. If you are a second-semester freshman, a sophomore or otherwise and have at least three years remaining in your undergraduate studies, you are likely able to join the ROTC program. Depending on current program offerings, exceptions can be made to allow students with less than three years remaining in their studies to participate in Air Force ROTC. Contact the detachment to inquire about current programs and related timelines.

-What physical criteria must cadets meet?

Along with staying in good physical condition, all cadets must conform to the maximum weight and body fat standards as established by the United States Air Force. For additional information click the following links for physical requirements and fitness standards.

-What academic criteria must cadets meet?

Cadets need to maintain full time status for fall and spring semesters (12 credit hours – including the ROTC classes). Undergraduate students may work on minors or dual majors. Normally, graduate students are not eligible for ROTC; however, exceptions can be made depending on current program offerings. Contact the detachment to inquire about current programs and related academic criteria. All cadets must earn their undergraduate degree and commission no later than age 39.

-What are the requirements for students attending cross town schools (FAMU Law, Seminole State, Valencia Community College, Eastern Florida State College, and Adventist University of Health Sciences)?

Cadets must be enrolled for academic classes at their respective cross town school as a full time student. They must also be enrolled at UCF as a transient student. This will allow cadets to take ROTC classes and have access to facilities at UCF.

-What scholarship opportunities are available?

The Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program provides three- and four-year scholarships in three different types to high school seniors. The application process is the same for each type. HSSP needs to be applied for at the beginning of the candidate’s senior year of high school, the deadline is in December.  Scholarships offered to current college students are available but are rare and awarded based on merit. The Air Force does not reimburse school expenses upon commissioning. For additional information on scholarships click here.

-Does ROTC provide housing for cadets?

ROTC does not provide Room and Board for cadets. They will need to obtain housing like other UCF students. For additional information on UCF housing click here.

-What commitment do cadets have to the Air Force?

Cadets are not committed to the Air Force until they come back from Field Training (with the exception of Cadets that have been awarded Air Force Scholarships, they contract upon acceptance). When cadets have completed Field Training, the summer between their 2nd and 3rd year, they will contract into the Delayed Entry Program prior to the start of their 3rd year. Once they have graduated, they will be commissioned into the Air Force. The number of years they are committed to is dependent on the training they will receive for their respective career field.

In addition to the above questions, the links below contain answers to several commonly asked questions by incoming cadets: