Arnold Air Society


The United States Air Force officially recognized the Society in April 1948. The first National conclaves, nationwide meetings of AAS cadets, began in the early 1950s, showing the immediate growth of AAS throughout AFROTC. Through these national conventions, or NATCONs, the Arnold Air Society has developed and amended its constitution (as well as changed its name to Arnold Air Society), voted on headquarters for the year and the next year’s NATCON location, as well as presented awards to outstanding AAS squadrons. It is also noted that AAS is related to several other organizations, notably the Air Force Association, Silver Wings, Civil Air Patrol, Explorer Posts of the Boy Scouts of America, Air Force Junior ROTC, and POW/MIA Awareness, which help offer greater influence to America’s aerospace power and national defense. AAS at UCF is a sister squadron to the UCF SW chapter and welcomes all cadets to attempt candidacy.